Staying Positive & Working in The Arts

3am musings… 

It’s sometimes very hard to stay positive working in the arts in Bath and to be honest I’ve been struggling quite a lot lately. Trying to balance money (or lack thereof), a range of different jobs and the numerous different hats I wear – (metaphorically… Hmm maybe I should buy some hats?!?). Sorry distracted! Anyway… I recently ran a lighting workshop and a participant came up to me out-of-the-blue the other night and said, 

“I just wanted to say thank you for running your workshop. We used the things you taught us for one of our recent productions. Not only did we have fun using them but they really helped our production so thank you for running it, it made a real difference to us.” 

It was one of those small lightbulb moments that actually put everything into perspective and reminded me why I love working in the arts and doing what I do. 

Sometimes you become so focused on the big things that you forget the little things that really matter and make a difference. So on that note, thank you to anyone who has supported or helped me in anyway, or gone along with any of my crazy ideas so far (don’t worry I have plenty more up my sleeve!) and to anyone who has been willing to take a chance. Thank you. 

I don’t think we thank the people that help us enough and we really should do it more often. 

So thank you all. 🙂


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