The No Boundaries Conference 2015 – Initial Thoughts

I shall keep this brief as it has been a long day and I’m exhausted!

Today’s conference felt much better than last year. I was very critical of last years for a number of reasons all of which seem to have been addressed this year – so that’s great.

My one little gripe – I would have loved some forced networking. (That sounds weird to say as we all hate networking but some ice breakers would have been great). It’s great having a delegate list but I would like to actually see who is who without craning my neck to stare at people’s lanyards. There is still a separation from us at the bottom of the industry and those at the top. I would love that boundary to be broken. I have no problem barging in and introducing myself to people but that’s hard to do when you don’t know who is who. I’m hoping the open discussions tomorrow will allow for this.

The Speakers

The speakers so far have been great and really diverse. There is a real international feel to this years conference and it’s great to hear perspectives from different parts of the world and different cultures.

There have been some provocative speeches but also a lot that aren’t perhaps saying anything that is particularly new. A lot of the ideas we have heard before and will hear again. And they are great ideas. What I really want to know is how we put them into action and particularly get buy-in from larger organisations to make them happen.

It’s great having ideas but let’s see an implementation plan. Lets see large organisations pledge to not only listen and take these ideas onboard but to find ways of making them happen. If we can make that happen then we’re stepping in the right direction and it will feel like all of these inspirational talks have really and truly been worth something other than just ideas.

Personally it feels very frustrating being at the bottom of the cultural food chain. I would love to take these ideas and make them work (and some of them we can and will make happen) but actually a lot of this really needs to come from the top – from our “cultural leaders”. And perhaps we need to assert more pressure on them to open their doors and their minds to look at the challenges we’re facing in fresh new ways.

I’ll try and add more details about the different speakers and some quotes at the end of the day tomorrow as there have been some amazing things said so far.

Thanks No Boundaries for an inspirational and thought provoking first day.


2 thoughts on “The No Boundaries Conference 2015 – Initial Thoughts

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