The Lonely Refugee (work in progress)

I’m not entirely sure if this is a poem or spoken word or a song. It’s a work in progress at the moment whatever it is.

It’s about refugees and being displaced from your home.

Words and music by Luke John Emmett.




Running away from all they know

Each new day a new war zone

Piles of rubble, pools of blood

Death is raining from above.

Streets of terror, human debris

What remains of family?

Nothing left of the place they called home.




Searching for a place to call home

Travelling down the roads unknown

Hoping that the world will begin to see.

There is nothing different between you and me

Just another lonely refugee.


Home is more than bricks and mortar

As they make their way across the water

Young Aylan lying dead on the beach

Shipwrecked signs of humanity

Leaving all they know behind

History and piece of mind

Struggling for the right to be free.



A whole life, condensed to a rucksack

Give them the strength, they need to get back

Keep on going, down that lonely road,

Never knowing what the future holds

Will they make it, to sanctuary

Or will they be drowned on the ferry?

Put on show for the whole world to see.



Just another lonely refugee

Just another lonely refugee.






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